In Japan, local ingredients and cuisine offer a rich palette of flavors to match each season. Steeped in tradition, Japanese sake is similar, with a style for every season. The namazake of spring, the hiyazake of summer, the hiyaoroshi of autumn, the fuyuoroshi of winter…

The range of Japanese sake, including shochu and craft gin, continues to expand offering more and more possibilities.

At Kion, we pay homage to Japan’s four seasons and the passing of time, with our sake and cuisine.


a new mindful sake experience

Sake pairings featuring thoughtfully and creatively prepared seasonal dishes. Nihonshushochu and craft gin carefully curated from our favorite Kuramoto breweries and distilleries.


Our seasonal menu focuses on local ingredients and a curated selection of sake.

Spring Selections:

Toasted nori seaweed, miso, and aged soy sauce from Saga.
Katsuobushi from Kagoshima.
Carefully selected organic fruit and vegetables – rhubarb, spicy mustard greens, mikan and strawberries – sourced from small farms throughout Japan.
Matched with artisanal cheeses from Europe, extra virgin olive oil and pecans from California.


Sake Pairing Course

Seasonal Omakase – 3 Course + Appetizers
with five varieties of Sake

with non-alcoholic drinks and green tea

table charge

COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Air Purification

Our air Ionization system provides natural and clean air for a safe dining experience.

Your safety is our top concern. To this end, we’ve installed an air purification system to remove possible viruses and allow for a safe dining experience in our basement location.

Low-concentration ozone generators (known as TS100) are installed throughout our space. This system issues an ozone concentration to purify the air by inactivating pathogens. Research shows that ozone concentrations such as those provided by our system are effective in fighting against contaminants such as the coronavirus.

The ozone levels provided by the TS100 system provide for an ion-balanced airflow. In doing so, we aim to create a refreshing space similar to that found in nature. Details about our system are here (Japanese PDF).



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